Is your Domain available? You have one colour in mind for your website, what others might go nicely? What is an SSL Certificate? What is Responsive Web Design? Here we will try to answer some of your website design questions but if you don't find it here, please don't hesitate to contact us!

1. How do I choose the best Domain?

The best domain name is a memorable URL that reflects your brand or your website’s subject matter. It’s best to make sure your visitors can type it correctly the first time so try not to use hyphens or other odd characters which could make it confusing.

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2. How do I know if my Domain Name is available?

You can visit this website to check if your domain name is available:

Check Domain Availability

You can visit this website to come up with a domain name if you aren't sure:

Domain Name Generator

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3. Where do I find font ideas?

If you head to Google Fonts you will find a variety of fonts you can use on your site. When you choose one to look at, it also shows you other fonts that compliment that font.

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4. What colours should I choose for my website?

When choosing your colours, you should consider what colours you use in your logo and maybe the colours in the products you sell. Hopefully something will inspire you.

When you do decide on your first colour, you will need to spend some time considering what colours complement it. Make sure you spend a good amount of time considering your colours scheme as it will be very important in creating your quality website.

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5. Where do I find colour ideas?

You can head to for an HTML colour picker or if you have a photo of something that you like the colours in you can use this website to gather the colour information from the photo:

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6. What is a SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is used to encrypt data between you and your visitors. It shows a padlock in the address bar in the browser showing viewers that your site is secure from prying eyes and that the information they enter is private.

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7. Why is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so important?

Proper SEO Integration and a quality website impact your organic ranking.  When someone looks for something online, the search engine (such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc) shows its search results, giving the searcher two types: paid results and organic.  Organic (or Natural) search results are the websites that most closely match what the person was searching for.  If search results are inaccurate, irrelevant or outdated then users will stop using that search engine. So search engine providers make sure they create better and better search algorithms that search the internet for the best possible website that could be delivered for a search request. Search engines must show their searchers the highest quality sites or their users will look to a different search engine for their needs.  Without proper SEO your chance of being found on the first or even the second page are unlikely which means minimal traffic to your website. 

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8. What are some important things to know about photos and videos for a website?

It is important that your photos and videos are optimized for the web. If they aren’t, it will cause serious slow downs on your website. Optimizing them means reducing the file size without sacrificing the quality. It is also important to choose the correct file type, JPG is best for photos as you can reduce the file size dramatically without loosing a lot of quality. PNG can be used as well but the file size is a lot larger then JPG and you can’t reduce it and keep the quality of the photo as much as with a JPG. Another thing to consider when optimizing your photo is descriptively naming the photos in plain English. Search engines don’t only crawl the text throughout your site but the image information as well.

You should try to keep photos under 300kb if possible and if you need to use a large photo for an important place on the website that it be no larger then 1mb. Videos should try to be recorded in no more then 720p and be as short in length as possible to share what you are trying to share.

If you haven’t already modified the items before sending to us, we will make sure they are modified as best we can to work effectively and efficiently on your quality website.

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9. What is responsive website design?

Responsive Web Design is about using computer programming to automatically resize, hide, shrink, or enlarge a website so it is visually appealing and works effectively and efficiently on any device a user may use.

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10. How often should I update content on my site?

In order to keep your quality website ranking high within search results you need to keep the website information current and new content added, even small things, every now and then. No one likes to see outdated content. It can deter people from visiting your website and it can also tell search engines that your site is "old" and no longer relevant. Old content gets your site pushed further and further down the search results and eventually reduces the number of people who visit your website.

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11. My site isn’t working on my older browser. Can anything be done to fix it?

We do test your website across various browsers and devices to ensure a pleasant and consistent viewing experience.  Outdated browsers, as well as being unsafe to run, can interpret the web design differently then current browsers. For example font colours, sizing, registration forms, text fields, check boxes, etc.  Please make sure you are running a current browser to make sure you can view your website properly.

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12. I have a website already, can you just change a few things on it for me?

We do not like to work on a website that someone else has built already. There are many issues that can arise when working on something built by someone else.  Without having previous knowledge of what the other builder has done, it can become a much bigger job that just a few changes.  We can, however, build you a new website and include all the content from the old one.  We can make it look like your old one or create something new and exciting!

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