Quality Website Design

It is important to have a quality website so that your business or what you’re trying to share online is as successful as it can be.  In order to be trusted, potential customers need to see that your website is just as professional, legitimate and secure as one of the other businesses everyone already knows and trusts.

It is also important that it be responsive!  More and more people are accessing websites from their mobile devices.  If you don't have a responsive website design, you will put off potential customers.  You need to put as much effort into showcasing your business online as you do offline.

Every industry is unique so every website needs to be unique as well.  TNG Web Design is a local web designer in Barrie and we will provide a quality, responsive website design for you.  We will make sure your website has everything it needs to be recognized as the real deal.  We use a powerful content management system which helps us to produce a responsive website that is compatible across multiple devices.  We provide user-friendly tools viewers expect to find,  integrated SEO so you’re found online, proper security so your customers/viewers feel safe to browse and high impact visuals to draw people in and keep them moving throughout your site.

Not a business? Not a problem! We offer responsive website design services for more than just businesses!  If you need a website to share your special day with your family and friends, we do that too! See below for information on that service as well!

The Ingredients To A Quality Website

Below you will find information regarding the responsive website design services we offer.  We hope any questions you may have you will find answered below and if not, head to our FAQs page or please contact us for more information.  We want you to be as confident in our services as we are.  We look forward to creating an amazing,  quality website for you or your business .


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A Domain name is your or your businesses personal web address.  It is what someone will type in their web browser to come and visit your website.  For example my domain name is www.tngwebdesign.ca.  The Domain name belongs to you, so you are going to want to make sure you have put a lot of thought into what it will be.  If your name is taken, it is ok to modify it, present it in a creative way, or even choose a different extension to keep it the same if you don’t wish to modify it. 

A domain name extension is what goes at the end of your chosen domain name, (ie. .ca, .com, .co, etc.).  Not all extensions are priced the same though.  As well, each extension has a general purpose, (ie. .info generally relates to a website that delivers information, .org generally relates to a website that is an organization like a non-profit, etc.) but keep in mind that when it comes to SEO, the more popular extensions (the ones more people know about) will produce better rankings.

Web Hosting

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All websites need a place to call home.  A place where they are stored on a computer that is connected to the web and that is specifically designed to host sites.  We will look after the entire process of getting your site hosted on the web.

Not all web hosting services are the same. They are a business and all provide a different quality of service and options.  The service we use to host our sites is fast, reliable and secure.  We have found they have the best customer service which means if any problem arises it is taken care of quickly and efficiently.  Making sure your website is up and running 99% of the time.

If you would like to find your own place to host your site, once your website is designed, we will transfer it there and you may manage and maintain it through their hosting service.

Website Design & Development

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Website design and development is the process in which we design and create your site to work on the web.  Your website will be what searchers find when they type in your domain name, so you want to make sure what they find is a quality website.

We create responsive website designs that work across multiple devices and browsers.  When someone visits your site they will find it runs smoothly, quickly, is user friendly (if it is too difficult for visitors to find the information they are looking for they will go somewhere else) and that it is visually appealing.

When someone searches for you, you want to make sure they find you on the first page or two, so we build in SEO (search engine optimization) to make sure that happens.

If you already have a website and would like help to redesign it we can definitely help you with that as well.


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Once you have your website developed, it will need to be maintained to make sure it continues to work properly, efficiently and effectively.  If you would like us to maintain your site, we will take care of things such as, updating software, troubleshooting issues that may arise, ensuring your data remains secure, protecting your site from spam and intruders that may wish to cause your site harm, backing up your data, etc.  We will do all this so that you don’t have to worry about a thing and can just enjoy your site.

Content Management

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Content management covers things such as if your site has a store and you need a product added.  Maybe you create blog posts and need them uploaded, or share photos in a gallery and need them changed.  Maybe you run a store and want this weeks specials posted.  If we maintain your site, (and it is a small one such as this one) the cost of content management will be included in the Annual Maintenance package.  If it is a larger site that will require more than your average changes of content, there will be a slight cost adjustment.

Website Redesign

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Maybe one day down the road you may decide that it's time for a new look to the website we created for you.  You may also want to add new elements to your site or maybe just change colour or layout a bit.  We can make that happen.  There is also a chance you may want to take your website in a whole new direction and redesign it completely.  We can do that too!


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If you decide you would like an domain-based email account that is specific to just your company (i.e. info@tngwebdesign.ca), we offer those services for your website as well.  It is guaranteed to up 99.9% of the time, has an Outlook web application and has world-class data-security and spam filtering.

Data Encryption

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Although it is not required, we suggest making sure you secure your site with an SSL Certificate.  It makes sure that the data sent between you and your customers is encrypted and secured from prying eyes and online thieves.  They use SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption which is considered the strongest encryption on the market today and it is virtually uncrackable.  Your website address will show the little green lock confirming to visitors that your site has been verfied and would begin https instead of http. (If you decide to add this AFTER a site has been built there is a fee for this.)

Website Security

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Anyone who uses a computer and surfs the web knows how important it is to have good virus protection software.  There are many threats on the web and they are hidden in many places out of sight.  Don’t make your website one of those hideaways.

Unfortunately there are those out there who would try to get into your website and cause problems, be it changing information that is shown, adding malware or viruses, etc.  If you install website security, which is like adding virus protection to your computer, you can prevent those threats from causing you and your visitors harm.  It wont slow down your site but it will keep it protected.

SEO Services

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques and strategies used to improve a website's visibility and ranking in search engine results. The aim of SEO is to attract more organic traffic, meaning you did not pay for an ad at the top of the page, you appeared naturally during a regular search. We can accomplish this by optimizing your website's content, structure and other elements so you will rank better in search results.  Some of the services typically include keyword research, on-page optimization, link building and the use of tools such as Google Analytics to analyze your website's performance and see if it needs adjusting.

(SEO Services are a part of the Design & Development Services.)

Logo Design

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A logo is a unique visual identity for a client's brand or business. If you do not already have one, we can help create one with you. The process typically involves figuring out what you want your logo to represent or say about your brand or business, bring those thoughts together and then create various design options for you to choose from.  We will continue to refine it until you believe it represents your brand or business accurately and effectively.


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Are you looking for a special way to showcase your very important day? Allow your family and friends to follow along on your wedding adventures? Let them be a part of the action up to the big day? We offer very special pricing for Weddings!

Your wedding site can show a countdown to the big day, accept RSVP's, showcase details of where you are registered, share photos of the bride and groom, stay connected with your guests and easily share information, pictures, etc. It will remain live until your special day and then come down on a date of your choice.  If you require it to stay up longer then a year, there will be a slight difference in price but not much.

Check out our Pricing!

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Check out our Pricing!

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