November 28, 2023

Why Having A Poorly Designed Website Is Worse Than Having None At All

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Have you ever visited a website and thought, wow, this site really needs some work? When is the last time this was updated? It seems very disorganized and things are hard to find. It’s not responsive and I have to keep manipulating the screen to read it on my phone. Is this a reliable or reputable business? Are they even still in business?

These are things you definitely don’t want someone asking about your site. You want to be bringing in business not potentially scaring them off. 

For a business without a website, those questions won’t necessarily be asked but you could be missing out on potential customers because they don’t find you online. Most people these days really like to be able to shop around on their own. Be it because they are short on time, they don’t want to call around or they really just want to know that the business they are contacting will be able to provide the products or services they require and at a rate that they can afford. Making sure you have somewhere online for them to go and find the information they need will help to bring in more business and make them feel more comfortable in contacting you or visiting your business in person. 

When it comes to a poorly designed website or none at all, you are not doing your business any favours with either. On one hand you are loosing potential business because they are not sure if your business is reliable and trustworthy in lieu of your poorly designed website. On the other hand, you could be loosing out on potential clients because without a website they couldn’t see what you offer on their own and they don’t have time or don’t feel like calling to find out if you do. Or they don’t even know you are there.

In the end though it can be a lot more difficult to rebuild trust with a potential client if they have visited your poorly designed website and they decide you aren’t reliable or trustworthy. At least if they do decide to make a phone call because you don’t have a website, they haven’t seen anything to form too much of a negative opinion yet.

So to lessen your chances of harming your online presence or missing out all together, be sure you have a quality website. If you ever decide you need help with that, we would love to talk to you about your needs and make sure you’re presented online in the right way.

What are some things you look for when you visit a businesses website? Comment below!

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