December 4, 2023

Why You Should Keep Your Business Information Consistent Between All Your Online Accounts

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Have you ever looked up a business online to find out when they are open, only to show up and find out then the information you read was incorrect? It can be extremely disappointing and frustrating to find that out after you have already travelled there and are now sitting in their parking lot wondering what to do next.

Or how about visiting a website and seeing different business hours there from what you’ve seen on Google, Facebook or another online directory or social media account. How do you know which information is correct? Which one do you believe? Do you just take a chance and show up or do you find somewhere else to go that has matching information posted throughout the web and social media?

The last thing you want to do is cause a potential customer to go somewhere else because of incorrect, inconsistent or missing information. You do not want your customers to lose trust in your business. It is very important to make sure that your business information matches everywhere you have it listed.

Having information that is consistent no matter where you look online reinforces a business’s brand identity. Logos, taglines and key messages should be consistent across websites, social media profiles and other online platforms. This consistency helps customers recognize and remember your business.

Not only is it important to remain consistent for your customers but it can affect your local rankings with Google as well. If it finds inconsistent business information as it crawls the web it can cause Google to loose trust in your company and not show it as a relevant option for someone searching for what you are offering.

It is already difficult enough competing in the business world today. Don’t let something that is completely preventable ruin your chances with potential customers or your relationship with online search engines like Google. Make sure you keep all your business information consistent, correct and complete throughout the web, online directories and your social media accounts.

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