November 7, 2023

Hello From TNG Web Design

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Hi! I’m Melanie Goedhart!  I’m the owner, designer and developer here at TNG Web Design, a local web design business located in Barrie.

My main goal at TNG Web Design is to make sure that other local, small businesses get a chance to showcase their business in the most amazing way possible and reach out to potential customers online.  With pretty much everyone having some sort of device that gets them online today it is extremely important to have an online presence. Not only do people use the web to buy online, they also use it to find out where a business is located, what their hours are, how they can be reached. They check out reviews, pictures and look them up on social media.  With so many people online you definitely don’t want your business to miss out on being present on such an important platform!

At TNG Web Design we want you to be 100% satisfied with the design of your site so we will do everything possible to follow your vision and make it a reality. With our passion for creating and your passion for your business the outcome is sure to be amazing!

Please visit our site to see how we can help you get online and at a very competitive rate.  We do have a few pricing examples posted on our website but it really depends on what your needs are.  You can request a quote right from our contact page. Tell us what you want your website to do for you. The more details you give us about your needs the more accurate a quote we can deliver you.

Contact us today to start your amazing project! We can’t wait to start creating with you!

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Thank you and have a fantastic day!